• This brown butter sourdough banana bread has our apartment smelling sooooo good.

  • People in our neighborhood are filling their front windows with teddy bears so children can find them when they step out for some fresh air. Here is our contribution.

  • Day-off dinner!

  • Male and female house finches. Glad we refilled the bird feeders!

  • Social distancing.

  • After-school walk through the park.

  • Headed north for the morning.

  • Dessert experiment: lemon icebox pie with candied blood oranges and a ginger snap crust.

  • Saturday morning waffles.

  • Our Fat Tuesday supper: braised lamb shanks, roasted potatoes, garden salad, and this sublime key lime pie.

    Anyone else feasting?

  • Wind and waves on Lake Michigan.

  • In this week’s newsletter I write about a couple of friends who are getting practical about discipling white Christians away from racial bias and blindspots.

  • Sourdough pizza night.

  • American Kestrel, Jackson Park.

  • This week’s newsletter features @vbacote, whose recommendation changed my life 20 years ago, and @ShaunDMarshall, whose sermon this week tore down the idol of whiteness.

  • Wintertime walks are the best.

  • This week’s newsletter: Scapegoating the obvious racist feels good for how I’m distanced from racism, but it does very little beyond feed my self-righteousness.

  • Epiphany.

  • Sweet potato and molasses sourdough. The beautiful smell in our apartment right now…

  • As always Washington, you’ve been great. Until next time.

  • Beautiful in any light.

  • For the first day of a new decade I wrote about birds and learning to be more human.

    “When my boys walk through the park with me, looking and listening for birds, I think about these small deaths, staggering in scope.”

  • December birds of the PNW.

  • Late-afternoon walk at low tide.

  • Sunset on Camano Island.

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