• Prayer is never other than a sequel, a consequence, a response, to the word of invitation. If it is not God who is speaking, then there is nothing. The relationship is begun before the idea of praying occurs to us. I never have the initiative.

    Jacques Ellul

  • An afternoon in Jackson Park.

  • Just learned that A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold and Howard Thurman’s Jesus and the Disinherited were published the same year, 1949. A coincidence, but one that is oddly affirming of the intersection of racial and ecological justice at which I want to spend more time.

  • A nice walk along the beach to the Ludington lighthouse. Social distancing is pretty easy around here.

  • A drizzly, hazy, and beautiful hike alongside the Manistee River in Michigan.

  • “[Jesus] recognized fully that out of the heart are the issues of life and that no external force, however great and overwhelming, can at long last destroy a people if it does not first win the victory of the spirit against them.”

    Howard Thurman

  • A visual metaphor for these days.

  • Join me on Thursday for a conversation with Rev. Dr. @ProfeChaoRomero, @ivpress author of the newly released Brown Church: Five Generations of Latina/o Social Justice, Theology, and Identity.

  • “Our American Christians are too busy saving the souls of white Christians from burning in hell-fire to save the lives of black ones from present burning in fires kindled by white Christians.”

    • Ida B. Wells
  • My friend @ColbyMecher is making t-shirts with a prophetic word to the church for this moment. Proceeds go to support our nonprofit, @newcomoutreach, as we join young people in our community in the work of restorative justice.

    Get yours here: forms.gle/2fh8efiQ6…

  • There’s one chapter in this book that’s packed with really helpful Juneteeth history. It’s a helpful refresher as I prepare this Sunday’s sermon.

  • “Your Sabbath, Lord, thus keeps us by Your will, not ours. And it is fit Our only choice should be to die Into that rest, or out of it.”

    Wendell Berry, Sabbaths II

  • Another fun day at the Indiana National Lakeshore.

  • Better-than-average mail day.

  • Wild times.

  • The 5th grader and his 5-yr-old brother woke up humming Lauryn Hill songs so yeah I’d say we’re making the most of sheltering in place.

  • Spring.

  • Pre-supper walk with these two masked men.

  • In this week’s newsletter: how I came to write a book about white Christianity’s dysfunctional discipleship.

  • Turmeric and leek sourdough. Best smelling loaves yet!

  • A day away at the Indiana National Lakeshore.

  • I kinda love our unpredictable Chicago springs.

  • Saturday smells good.

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