• Good morning, Chicago.

  • Cool fountain on a warm morning.

  • We are visiting Wisconsin and the local NPR affiliate is doing an in-depth call-in segment about people’s favorite ice cream and I am moving here now.

  • In today’s newsletter I share a Juneteenth sermon: There is Freedom.

    “Those early June 19th worship services and parades and public celebrations were more than a commemoration of the past- they were a proclamation of freedom into the future… freedom is always meant to be lived.”

  • In tomorrow’s newsletter I share a sermon for Juneteenth from 2 Corinthians 3:17, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” You can subscribe here.

  • Working on something I’ve been meaning to get to for a while.

  • Visiting Grand Rapids for a friend’s 40th birthday. Al fresco dining at Brewery Vivant.

  • A good way to begin the day.

  • A good sabbath walk through Jackson Park on a muggy afternoon.

  • “‘Teach me thy ways, O Lord’ is, like all prayers, a rash one, and one I cannot but recommend.”

    Annie Dillard

  • Cooking from a couple of favorite cookbooks today: lemon and blueberry frozen yogurt and bbq spiced chicken thighs with yogurt nuoc cham sauce.

  • Pre-bedtime fire in the garden.

  • Got to hang out with this goldfinch along with oriels, warblers, some noisy redwing blackbirds, and an especially impressive heron in Jackson Park this afternoon.

  • Sunday scoot.

  • The six-yr-old would prefer to read with his mom the rest of the evening but we’re going with his older brother’s preference: Minecraft the board game. (Yes, there is a board game.)

  • “The Objectivity of God closes the intellect up in wonder. The richness of this Mystery is inexhaustible, and we study it only in prayer.”

    Katherine Sonderegger, Systematic Theology Vol. 1

  • In today’s newsleteter: Who gets to determine the ideal?

  • Got to hang out with a few Wood Ducks in Jackson Park this afternoon on my sabbath walk.

  • It’s a big day!

  • “We’ve been crushed down among evil men. We don’t know where to go, we only know where we’ve been.”

    Inez Andrews sings our lament.

  • Illinois, join us for prayer tomorrow afternoon.

  • There’s a certain kind of elder saint who can say “prayer changes things” and I feel that thing in my bones.

  • “Given racism’s critical role in providing an outlet for white frustrations caused by economic exploitation and political manipulation, one wonders whether American society could survive as we know it if large numbers of whites ever realized what racism costs them.”

    Derrick Bell

  • Wasn’t expecting the Cooper’s Hawk to back down, but that’s what happened!

  • “If you do not confess the greatenss of the debt, you do not discover the excess of grace.”

    John Chrysostom

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