• There’s a certain kind of elder saint who can say “prayer changes things” and I feel that thing in my bones.

  • “Given racism’s critical role in providing an outlet for white frustrations caused by economic exploitation and political manipulation, one wonders whether American society could survive as we know it if large numbers of whites ever realized what racism costs them.”

    Derrick Bell

  • Wasn’t expecting the Cooper’s Hawk to back down, but that’s what happened!

  • “If you do not confess the greatenss of the debt, you do not discover the excess of grace.”

    John Chrysostom

  • Lots of Sandhill Cranes at the Indiana National Lakeshore today.

  • In this week’s newsletter, a sermon from Genesis 16.

    “Every one of us has known at least occasional moments of invisibility. Others of you have lived lifetimes punching your way through the weighted veil held over your bodies by the hands of white supremacy and misogyny.”

  • Afternoon snack. 📷 🐦

  • Please listen to this report by my friend Esther Yoon-Ji Kang on NPR’s All Things Considered: Activists Say Anti-Asian Attacks Go Unreported Due To Stereotypes, Language Barriers.

  • Caught this White-breasted Nuthatch building a nest on my afternoon walk.

  • In this week’s newsletter: Leaving the white church for what?

    The white people leaving white evangelicalism often find themselves with no idea about where they are going. Theirs is an exodus into a void.

  • “As witness of God-with-us, the church is called to stand silently at the places where the national powers are crucifying the innocent and waging war against the poor.”

    Barbara A. Holmes, Joy Unspeakable

  • While hiking a portion of the Ice Age Trail in southern Wisconsin today, we heard a distinct call far overhead. The Sandhill Cranes are back! 📷

  • In this week’s newsletter I write about the abiding connection between worship and justice.

    Just because you can’t imagine this beautiful tangle of worship and justice doesn’t mean that a whole host of Christians haven’t been living it for generations.

  • “By the time Europeans began colonizing the planet while defaming the name of Jesus, Ethiopians had already been a Christian nation for over a thousand years.”

    Vince Bantu, Gospel Haymanot

  • “[The rich man] is directed to distribute it to his fellow servants who are in want. So if he spends more on himself than his need requires, he will pay the harshest penalty hereafter. For his own goods are not his own, but belong to his fellow servants.”

    John Chrysostom

  • Spotted a few mourning cloak butterflies on my walk through Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve.

  • “To reach a goal is not the reason to do a spiritual discipline; it is to experience God. Even in failure you are learning and experiencing new and valuable things.”

    Smith and Graybeal, A Spiritual Formation Workbook

  • I expanded on my ten characteristics of biblical justice for my friends at Missio Alliance.

  • A Ring-billed Gull passing by our spot at 63rd St. Beach. Another of our wintertime bird companions in Chicago.

  • In this week’s newsletter: 10 characteristics of biblical justice. What’d I miss?

  • Stumbled onto this beautiful American Kestrel hunting for lunch on my walk through the meadow this afternoon. 📷

  • “The cross embodies the deep contradictions between the empire’s claims about itself and the truth known only by the victims of the empire.”

    Ralphael G. Warnock, The Divided Mind of the Black Church

  • “Obedience is a matter of love, which makes it voluntary, not compelled by fear or force.”

    Dorothy Day

  • Excited that my Ida B. Wells pin finally arrived.

  • “There lingers on the edge of human memory a mood, a notion, a half thought, a vauge awareness that once somewhere things were far better than they are now… Eden must have been an ineffably beautiful place.”

    Gardner Taylor, NBC Radio Sermons

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