• Today’s newsletter: Trauma, Terror, and Better Questions

    “How did we get here? We have to ask this question. But when we make this our first question - and often our only question - we are revealing just how incapable we are of answering it truthfully.”

  • You preached the sermon. You wrote the letter to your congregation, your ministry, your team. You’ve spoken publicly against the evil of white supremacy. Great!

    Now what? May I suggest my book for those ready to lead into genuine solidarity with the Body of Christ?

  • Very good mail day!

  • Taking an all-day class about soul care which, after this week, couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Friends, take good care of yourselves.

  • New Years Eve peace march to remember those in Chicago who were violently taken from us this year.

    May God bless their families. May we be worthy of their legacies.

  • Their favorites: a drone and a metal detector. Just warm enough to try them out this afternoon.

  • Is it possible to eat too many xiao long bao? Not in our experience.

  • Christmas breakfast: sourdough cinnamon rolls.

  • Yup.

    Happy Christmas Eve from Bronzeville.

  • Cold front moving in; geese moving out.

  • This afternoon, an hour south of the city, we watched a short-eared owl glide past reclining bison as it hunted voles and mice in the tall grass prairie.

    The Midwest is the best.

  • Afternoon family walk.

  • An afternoon walk. Love this city.

  • “The call to repentance I understand as a call to be liberated from our human perceived need to be God and instead to assume our rightful place in the world as humble Two-leggeds in the circle of creation with all the other created.”

    George Tinker

  • Still my favorite Advent song.

    “We’ve lost our fathers

    We’ve lost our mothers

    We didn’t quite think it would be this hard

    To endure the Christmas time…

    Who can defeat the time we live in? Who can defeat the time we die in?”

  • It is, for me, a strange way of reading Scripture which understands the creator God as desiring righteousness in our bodies or justice in our societies but not both.

  • How old do your kids have to be before they stop randomly crashing into things and falling off of other things?

    It gets real dramatic real quick around here.

  • Lots to be grateful about despite our collective strange and difficult circumstances. Blessings to all who are lonely and grieving today.

    Today I’m especially thankful for Maggie. I could not have imagined a better companion and coconspirator.

  • Drippy day-off walk through Jackson Park.

  • Scrumptious apple hand-pies with cheddar crust from Sarah Owens’ sourdough cookbook.

    For breakfast, obviously.

  • From today’s newsletter: “In the end, much of our attempted diplomacy ends up being little more than negotiating around the edges of an inferno. Or some polite conversation amidst unmitigated theft and plunder.”

  • There are worse ways to start the day than with a couple loaves of pumpkin-raisin sourdough.

  • One of our wintertime companions.

  • Midwestern autumn.

  • “Whiteness comes to rest in space. The maturity whiteness aims at always forms segregated spaces. It forms lives lived in parallel, whether separated by miles or inches. It constructs bordered life, life lived in separate endeavors of wish fulfillment.”

    Willie James Jennings

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