• Good morning from the Unisphere in Queens.

  • An airport custodian just now, in Spanish: “There’s the law for the rich and the law for the poor. That’s all. And the will of God.”

  • Very grateful for the chance to join the @missioalliance writing team. I’ve appreciated Missio’s voice and posture when it comes to church and mission over the years and I’m thankful for the opportunity to contribute.

  • Feeling like spring today.


  • Unpopular opinion: Chicago is beautiful in wintertime.


  • Looking forward to spending time with these Lenten resources by @pursuedbytruth beginning with Ash Wednesday tomorrow.


  • A Common Goldeneye and a Red-breasted Merganser on one of the few non-frozen sections of the lakeshore.


  • First attempt at sourdough bread from a homemade starter. Waiting for it to cool before slicing, but it smells wonderful!

  • My friend Kevin - a Catholic theologian - has written movingly about reimagining sites of African American suffering & resistance in this country through the lens of Christian pilgrimage.

  • The 9-yr-old & I had a great time in South Bend last night for the launch of my friend @Adam_Gustine’s new book: Becoming a Just Church. Even better, all book sales went to Jubilee Ventures.

  • Promontory Point, frozen.

  • This lake is never not beautiful.

  • One of the hardest things about following Jesus is renouncing my delusions about controlling God or people.

    It’s also one of the best.

  • Icy.

  • Sunday afternoon exploring.


  • Morning departures from Montrose Harbor.

  • My review of @caramac54’s book, The Color of Life: A Journey toward Love and Racial Justice, has been posted at @ERBks. It’s a helpful, accessible, and enjoyable contribution to an important topic.

  • February reading with the 9-yr-old.

  • Homemade aromatherapy.

  • Excited to spend the afternoon with some of our church’s preachers.

  • The Christendom church is “a mixed spiritual-secular institution whose identity depends as much on its theology as it does on the ‘state of the union,’ & whose allegiance, whether consciously or not, is pledged to both the cross & the flag.”

    @DrAlTizon, Whole and Reconciled

  • Aaaand… I’ve sent the draft manuscript to my editor. Is this slightly nauseous feeling normal? Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive over the past year. Especially my wife who took my little idea seriously before I had the guts to.

  • -5. It’s warming up y’all.

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