• My newsletter is ending up being a mostly weekly affair.

  • Squeezing every drop from summer days.

  • Taking a second pass at these revisions. Pray saints!

  • Up next by @DrIbram.

  • Sans context, I’d struggle to know if you’re talking about your enneagram type or astrological sign.

  • “It is difficult to recognize pride as a sin when it is held up on every side as a virture, urged as profitable and rewarded as an achievement.”

    (Eugene Peterson)

  • “In comparison to the Kongo of 1619, early colonial Virginia was an undeveloped Christian society.”

    Some fascinating observations and questions posed by Dr. David D. Daniels as prompted by the 1619 Project.

  • Waiting for the sunrise on our last morning at Sleeping Bear Dunes.

  • Yesterday evening and this morning. Not bad at all Sleeping Bear Dunes, not bad at all.


  • Following our fearless leader along the Empire Bluffs Trail on the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

  • Morning walk along the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

  • A black-crowned night heron in Jackson Park this morning.

  • This woman has shaped me in more ways than I’ll ever know. Rev. Debbie Blue has been my spiritual director for a decade and I wouldn’t be the pastor I am today without her. It was such a gift to introduce her to our church today and hear from her about God’s faithfulness.

  • Sunday morning commute!

  • Up next. Anyone else reading this?

  • Aaaaand… the book has a cover.

  • “After a long winter of waiting, it was my first duty to go out lamenting. So after the first rain storm I began to get ready.”

    • Black Elk Speaks
  • Not quite sure how this happened, but this is the first time I’m getting to Peterson’s classic on discipleship.

  • House built by Jacob Burkle, a German immigrant, in Memphis in 1849 as a stop on the Underground Railroad.

  • We started our morning remembering those whose blood ran down this bridge on Bloody Sunday in 1965, a bridge that still bears the name of the Grand Dragon of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan.


  • I want to live in that place.

    (Kelly Ingram Park. Birmingham, AL.)

  • Spending our morning in Birmingham at the feet of our elders. As children these saints placed their bodies in front of fire hoses and police dogs to assert their God-ordained humanity in the face of demonic white supremacy. May we be worthy of their legacy!


  • Michael Brown was killed five years ago. A few weeks later I joined other clergy for a night walking the Ferguson streets. I think about that night all the time. Here’s what I wrote about it back then.

  • Our morning harvest.

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